Liquid Crypto Gold Review & Re-Considering

Why I Reconsider Buying or Joining Liquid Crypto Gold?

Negative Point Of View

  1. We still have to share on social media, email ads and blog post in order to see result. For FE is just earning from referral and not from referral future investment unless we upgrade to OTO 1 (The automation are for upgrades which is the copy and paste follow up respondence).
  2. Is not gonna work if we do not work on it.
  3. I foresee there is an extra charges on the solo ads similar to a Optin-Build where we have to partner into, to get result or no result; beside the udimi solo ads platform. So risk factor is there when thete is no result. Regarding Udimi Solo Ads sometime we risk to see result too and is not cheap actually.
  4. There won't be a first day nor first week result unless we get our own friends and family to join in the program with us.
  5. Finally, there will be little start up cost incure if we take part in their build in solo ads. (Which is the OTO 1 and 2)
  6. Worst scenario when we earn enough we will greed to invest into the green energy coin or token to wanting to make more. (Here is another risk factor because no investment is guarantee profit making)

(Is not recommended if you are not going for upgrades, FE is simply earning commission if someone join).

[ So if you fall on the negative category, please save your money and go for something else more liquitive free program and perhaps let real marketer do the email follow up for you >> scroll down to end of page now for Free Access now].

Liquid Crypto Gold Positive View

  1. It claims to be earning on a Secret Green Energy Platform when someone join the program through our link without watching the market movement. We get paid either through Cash or Ethereum or Gold. (Earning Point: Here is a earning point whether our referral invest or not - who is not greed on making more money).
  2. The automation are OTO 1 & above which is the the funnel, the squeeze page and autorespondence system that done for us and we just have to copy and paste and do the follow up. (Earning Point 2: Save cost on funnel, squeeze page and autorespondence)
  3. All we have to do is to use their build-in funnel, sqeeze page and share via social media, blogs and make use of their build-in solo ads to probably combine and get result. (Earning Point 3. Who is not interested with cryptocurrency and futher more it is just starting to pick-up, especially green energy. Many big whales are seriously investing into Bitcoin and Ethereum and mostly hodling their coin or token).
  4. Lastly getting paid from Ethereum or Gold is another merit point.

We will earn more if we upgrade. If our referral invest in this Secret Green Energy Token we will earn more.

Firstly all we have to do is just set it up, then every time our referral enroll, commission rolls into our wallet.

We do not need a websites, to build funnels or integrate anything. All the heavy lifting things are completely automated with the DFY funnel and traffic automation. It’s allowing regular marketers like us to make regular monthly Crypto profits regardless of experience and skills.

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Written and Share by HeuLynch, Sangoh Tan

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