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Why Buy Motion NFT Maker


  1. To be able to create motion NFT art.
  2. To be able to compete with other animated art creator.
  3. To be able to post as many NFT art as possible for collector, investor and speculator to select.
  4. To be able to make money quickly.


  1. We need a desktop in order to be able to create motion NFT art.
  2. We need to be “famous” to be able to sell fast or higher price.
  3. We need to be very active everyday.
  4. We need to keep on posting new piece of art almost everyday to get the collector or buyer attention.
  5. We need to invest some legit promotion in order to sell fast.

This are the positive point and negative point in order to let us consider before buying MotionNFTMaker.


[If you think MotionNFTMaker is for you then continue reading and take both today].

YOU KNOW - One day a collector gave me an advise while I only post 4 piece of my art on twitter. This is what he reply. “More”.

Thanks to GaryVee and $Whales

Which mean we need more than 50 NFT art for the collector or investor to be able to select before they would consider buying or bidding.

This are straight forward answer to us all, if we want to sell something we need to promote and post daily, whether is free or paid promotion. [Definitely we won’t see result on day one but if we start posting and plant our seed today; we will see result sooner or later].

We are all (probably like me) not a tech person, not well educated or a great marketer out there, then we need certain software out there to assist us in getting business and create something for us to start selling as soon as possible



MotionNFTMaker is a claim to be a  ground breaking app for non-artists to create motion NFT crypto art which we can sell on eBay-like sites to collectors & speculators.

So how to sell them on eBay-like sites to collectors, investors, and speculators, and not only charge one time payments, but also forever automatically collect passive royalties every time our NFT gets resold on the secondary market?

Without going into technical details, NFT basically means digital age art, which works the same as real world art just online. But there is a very important twist – it is minted to a blockchain.

The minting is a digital engraving of the art into a blockchain, in the way that it cannot be removed, but it can change the owner. The result of the minting of art is called NFT.

MotionNFTMaker Review

On the high level NFT simply means one-of-the-kind. It is that blockchain immutability which gives crypto art NFTs its value because art minted to NFT can demonstrate verifiable identity and scarcity. NFTs are just the latest realization of a passion that is a natural part of human psychology: collecting objects.

That is pretty much everything we need to know about crypto art, minting, and NFT. So, if we are ready to discover the crazy world of crypto art NTFs, and how a non-artist can get in, sell them, and collect passive royalties, is great news for us. Right now the latest craze is the moving and animated crypto arts. This is where, if we have the proper tool, we can lean in and take full advantage of that to access those hungry collectors, investors, and speculators.

Here’s How Easy MotionNFTMaker Is To Use:

Step 1: Choose scene, virtual actors & paste text for each one

Step 2: Select voice, behaviour for each virtual actor

Step 3: Select cameras, click a button and voila — we have just produced a complete video

It turns static images and photos into live photos that animate and move. With moving images and moving photos we can stand out from the crowd, and skyrocket our chance to be discovered by collectors, investors, and speculators. People can forever automatically collect passive perpetual royalties every time their NFTs get resold.

MotionNFTMaker includes proprietary CRA AI technology, which allows people like us to make motion crypto art NFTs by simply clicking their mouse.

And because CRA AI technology does all the heavy lifting, it is mathematically almost impossible for people to not get any collector worthy results, even if we have not made any art in our entire life and have no tech experience at all.

MotionNFTMaker is the first ever app of this kind on the market so the sales will be flying.

If you are reading this Now. Is totaly up to you to get it now since Motion NFT art is still very Hot Now. You may get it from here Now.


It is able to Turn Static Images Like Regular Photos Or Any Static Graphics, Into NFT Ready Moving Crypto Art.

What MotionNFTMaker does in a nutshell is, it is capable to turn static images like regular photos or any static graphics, into NFT ready moving crypto art.

Create any of our Crypto Art As Weird Or As Artistry As we Like.

It can create our static photo or images as weird or strange as we want, but it can also create it as smooth and as artistry as we like.

It means that it can cover the widest range of potential buyers’ tastes As Easy As It Gets Due To Proprietary CRA AI Tech.

Because MotionNFTMaker uses proprietary CRA AI tech, making those living and moving photos and images is as easy as it gets.

Plus it allows for each and every art to be unique which brings attractiveness to our NFT.

We Can Start Producing NFT Ready Moving Crypto Art In 3 Simple Steps.

We can see from the demo video, MotionNFTMaker is an easy to use, yet powerful desktop app for anyone.

We can start producing NFT ready moving crypto art in 3 simple steps.

With no restrictions on the number of arts that we can create and sell.

No experience necessary. We Can Produce As Many (Or As Few) Crypto Arts As We Want In our Spare Time.

And we can sell these NFT on eBay-like crypto art marketplaces. We list them, and from then on, they live on their own, so we can sit back, relax and enjoy the royalties that they can generate.

The Method How To Drive Traffic To Crypto Art Listing when we own this software: Which will give us access to the method which shows us exactly how to drive traffic to our crypto art listing from social media to boost our results.

Commercial License Included when we own this software today. Upgrade commercial-use with no additional cost. (Meaning we can create motion NFT art for interested party and charge a fill perhaps on Fiverr or other similar platform).

NOTE: IT claim that Free commercial upgrade is available for limited time only, and may be removed at any time without notice.


World’s #1 Motion NFT Maker App With CRA AI technology

Convert Any Photo & Image To Crypto Art NFT

Very Easy To Use Thanks TO CRA AI Tech

Includes FREE Software Updates

Desktop Based – No Cloud Lag & Delays

Commercial License Included


Q: Is this a desktop software?

A: This is a desktop based software available for both PC or Mac.

The Internet is required for initial install and license/access verification.

Q: How many crypto art NFTs can I create?

A: There is no limit to the number of crypto art NFT we can create.

Q: How much do updates cost?

A: They include all updates to version 1.x for FREE for the duration of the license.

Q: Do they provide tutorial videos?

A: Yes, they have created a full set of video tutorials.

Q: Does MotionNFTMaker support both horizontal and vertical crypto art NFTs?

A: Yes, MotionNFTMaker supports both horizontal 16:9 and vertical 9:16 Live Pictures.

Q: Does MotionNFTMaker support square crypto art NFTs?

A: Yes, MotionNFTMaker supports square crypto art NFT.

Q: How do I get support?

A: Easy! Just visit them at support at their given website or sales page.

Q: Do you have money back guarantee?

A: Yes, they do have a 30-day no-question-asked money back guarantee. Just drop them a note and they will refund your purchase in full, no question ask.

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