20 Income Boost Online Business Ideas Free Web 2.0.8 [3 ways you can MMO]

Ways You Can Make Money Online

There are all kinds of ways to make money online.  Depending on what your interests are or your strengths are, will depend on where you plug in. We’re going to look at 3 ways you can make money online. Of course, there are tons of other ways. 

#1 Be an on-call nurse (Only for US and Canada, there maybe some other country - you have to check your nation).
If you are a registered nurse, there are a number of sites that provide medical information and phone based triage to their Canadian and US based customers. Clients in the medical industry, which is usually doctor’s offices and more often pediatrician’s offices contract out companies like Fonemed to answer questions during the hours the office is closed. At Fonemed you have to be licensed in the province or state you are located in and you must have a minimum of 3 years current clinical experience with adults and children. These requirements may vary from provider to provider so do your homework. You are paid an hourly fee plus a fee per call. You are eligible for benefits such as paid leave and health insurance. At Fonemed the average hourly wage is $27/hour.

#2 Let your talent make you money
There are sites like fiverr.com where you can offer services that use your skills. For example, plan a trip for $5, design business cards for $1, etc. Don’t be afraid to get creative. 28 year old Stefanie Strobel lives in Newport Beach, California and who offers to write people’s messages in the beach sand, take a picture and email it to them. He can do about 10 messages in an hour depending on how complex they are and he makes himself around $300 a month.

#3 Offer advice 
Do you know tons about herbal medicine, car repairs, pets, etc. Whatever you have some expertise in, you could turn it into a way to make money. At JustAnswer you can get paid for your knowledge. It’s a paid question and answer website with a growing field of experts. Customers register, ask their question and name the price they are willing to pay for an expert answer. The average is between $10 and $40 dollars. The expert responds within the hour and when the customer accepts the answer you earn 25% to 50% of what customers pays. How much you earn depends on how many questions you answer.  Experts are vetted to ensure the credentials they provide are accurate. 

That’s just 3 ways to earn money online, there are hundreds of other options. Find what fits you and go for it.

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